Long shafts and collet adapters will require lower speeds. It's a long thread but a good read with tons of great information including all of my own successes and failures: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?24251-Cu... David initially shared his creation and it's evolution on a different forum, RC Powers, and the discussion there continues as well. The needle cutter has none of these drawbacks. OpenFlexure. These planes in particular are a fascinating part of aviation history, and our own family history now too. I chose to 3D print my cutter. bolt on the flywheel. Thingiverse is a universe of things. But i think foam requires a lot less power. David shared his designs on thingiverse starting with his first 3D printed cutter using a standard brushed motor: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1138627. load on the needle, i.e. Washers must be small enough to not touch the outside (moving) part of the bearing. This involves swapping the Dewalt router for a 2.8 watt laser diode for engraving and cutting. Vacuum Table and Needle Cutter (WiP) 3D Printing. David, just want to say thank you again for your needle cutter design and promotion of the MPCNC! And finally I decided I had to give it a try. Some people setup their machines to run a break in pattern for a few hours with it going back and forth and up and down and round and round before using it. Use the Syringe Disposal for syringe and needle disposal. So my initial needle broke fairly quickly. Needle Cutter Benefits - You can cut foamboard with a regular spindle and a small end mill. The 3-layer stack Ending Jan 1 at 1:55AM PST 6d 9h. I used the engrave option to generate toolpaths down the center of the lines with 6mm cutting depth to make sure it went fully through the 5mm board and then saved the resulting gcode to a SD card to load in the RAMPS LCD controller I use to control the machine. Faster motors need to run at very low throttle, where ESC and servo testers And I suffered a cutter failure that forced me to jump in on the new improvements. The problem is I forgot that ESC's aren't very linear, and I missed that David had suggested using a 2s pack instead of 3s...I also made a few silly arithmetic errors. is largely historical, but it is useful to have a motor with a short shaft and threaded holes to There are various versions of the machine design for different sizes of tube since apparently different parts of the world have standardized on different sizes. Which led to a number of weeks of frustration and continued revisions trying to figure out why I was having problems with my needles flying off. A 2s lipo is only 8.4v fully charged and 7.6v nominal. I also cut a new FT Scout to replace my worn out one which took a little over 30 minutes. Needle Cutter Re-mix 15,000 RPM. Having seen several mentions of foam cutting machines/methods in this forum, this might be of interest to some of you... especially RC folks. Is the tubing you chose galvanized steel? Place it on baking paper and put in oven for 60 mins and then allow to cool slowly by turning oven off. To fit 20"x30" sheets of foam board I had to build the machine 3' x 4', Once I test assembled it it was obvious that this was way bigger than I had mentally envisioned and I had to face the dilemma of where to store it and use it! A lot of those of us working on/with these looked at tattoo gun designs for ideas - but they use a LOT less movement of the needle so a lot of things that work for them don't work for us. Then the A4988 drivers were replaced with DRV8825 and their reference voltages set to about 0.7v… [attachment file=91607] And then the small engraver was replaced with MPCNC “Henry”… originally a foam-cutter machine I’d built for my late fishing/flying/golfing buddy. Needle Cutter Theory - The theory behind the needle cutter is that it works very much like a sewing machine causing a sharp needle to go up and down rapidly enough to repeatedly puncture the foam board. At higher speeds, the MIG tip may heat up and melt the He followed that up with an improved version using a brushless motor http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1211039 I happened to have the exact same motor on hand and not being used so that was the version I chose to start with. Thin sheet foam is widely used in the model aircraft hobby, but transferring plans from a computer I really need to do an updated 'ible though as the design has really evolved a lot since I wrote this. But reading the needle cutter thread I saw that the guy who developed it had built several CNC machines over the years and was now hooked on the MPCNC. 6. We've also increased the length of the needle which makes them last longer since they don't "bend" as much in one spot. The "floating" tip holder uses a short section of carbon arrow shaft for a spacer/insulator and a 3-point set-screw arrangement to effectively isolate the hot (in use) copper tip from the yellow PLA plastic. Though I wasn't willing to order more PLA until the weather cooled off - it may survive in my shop but I don't want fresh filament sitting in a hot brown truck in 110F+ weather before I even get to print with it :D. If I can find an affordable local source for 1" stainless I'll probably upgrade to that. I didn't have a servo tester on hand, but I had quite a few arduino's so I grabbed the closest one at hand (which happened to be a mega) and loaded up one of the example servo sketches which uses a potentiometer to control the speed. The important number to remember is that you need 10-15 strokes/mm to cut cleanly and limit the The new parts make for a stiffer machine but I haven't had time to reprint mine and upgrade yet. Thanks for sharing the whole process. 3 Axis Laser CNC Engraving Machine PCB Milling Wood Router Cutter GRBL 5500MW. This is why I always measure way more than twice...never have been good at keeping numbers straight :D. Hi nice instructable. With the needle fully extended I slowly lowered my z gantry until the needle just barely scraped the surface of the board. No big deal I figured...I'd heard the eSun was pretty good so why not try it instead of hassling with a return. However My replacement needles refused to stay on the cutter. (Lipo cells are 4.2 volts fully charged / 3.8v nominal - the Xs notation indicates how may cells are in a pack. They traded in their corsairs a long time ago and were flying harriers (another of my favorite planes...but one I doubt FT will be doing a foam version of anytime soon!) Contribute to jhitesma/parametric_needle_cutter development by creating an account on GitHub. I connected it to my MPCNC, generated some gcode...and was able to cut a few small shapes! against an abrasive wheel. It's possible to just create a customized firmware for an ESC that would do it but that's a bit beyond my coding skills. This can easily be a milling machine, 3D router, 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, CNC plasma cutter, you name it. My plan of building on the dining room table wasn't going to work. "Cutting foam sheets... with a needle!" He had some amazing stories from his time in the Pacific. Wind the Z-axis down until you can hear it just touch the surface. Question The shop-vac noise can be reduced with an inexpensive router speed control to reduce the speed. There are various ways to attach the needle to the top bearing, but by far the easiest is the 3D MPCNC Build. Simple clipping action snips off and retains needles within clipper. rolled aside when not in use to leave most of your bench for other work. I used MakerGeeks PLA for these parts and I've had ongoing issues with their PLA not always feeding well and suddenly jamming up like the nozzle was clogged even when it isn't. feedrate (mm/min) of ONE-TENTH the cutter speed. Support, Chain. This isn't the only way. I was going to have to clean out my old home office and finally convert it into a shop - lots of work...but well worth it! This Read more. I just move them around to clear the cutter while it works. not much fun. either start with smaller (M2.5) washers, super-glue them to some scrap wood and drill them out to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1776239 The basic plan for the vac table is to route the set of grooves into a sheet of pink insulation foam that's been glued down to a piece of thin plywood to keep it flat. However it creates a lot of dust which is a real pain to deal with due to the static charge it picks up. 501. Instead of a vacuum bed how about using a lightly sprung shoe similar to a sewing machine. or Best Offer. When I finally add this style of mount to the customizable version I'm going to convert that from two pieces to one so it can print without support. If your flywheel is This will aid in formation of nucleation which makes the PLA part much stronger. We've pretty much abandoned the crankshaft used here and switched to flywheels which give much smoother and more reliable performance. That is indeed the corsair, I've yet to actually build it (want to finish the vac table to get a cleaner cut first) but I've always had a sweet spot for Corsair's. It helps to sharpen the end of the needle by rotating it at 45 degrees to an abrasive wheel. Have a look at adding a tach with a Hall effect sensor glued so it sits beside the rotating motor barrel. Share it with us! I hope you give it a go and this helps some people avoid the issues I ran into with mine. Finally the needle cutter also excels at fine detail on both inside and outside corners - again due to the tiny size of the cutting tool. 1200KV means that this motor will give 1200RPM for every 1V of power it's supplied at full throttle. All the assembly instructions (less … I just finished a laser head with a 2.8w 445nm laser as well and have been have a blast with it the past few weeks (one of the reasons I haven't finished my vac table yet!) For me the two biggest expenses were a few dollars for several pieces of piano wire to make the needle and $13 I spent on a digital optical tach for dialing in the speed correctly. Corner Guide MPCNC Needle Cutter. My original 2'x2' machine was much better for milling due to how much stiffer it was. Ideally you want a needle speed matched to your feedrate to achieve 10-15 punctures per mm for a super smooth cut. Then I cut an opening in the side to attach a 3d printed plenum that adapts my shop vac to it. Looking at the video again now it's obvious even at regular speed that the crank was deforming from the high RPM's. The white foam reflects too much of the lasers energy. That's what I love about Instructables.com, there are so many things I never even knew existed! Would some other round or tubular stock make it travel more accurately or faster or are you entirely happy with it as is? Reply Find here online price details of companies selling Needle Cutter. You have essentially created a cnc tattoo gun, so taking some tips from that industry might help. You can build the cutter for Very cool! As soon as I tried the optical tach the problem was obvious. Twenty minutes or so later you have a sheet of parts that are accurately cut, I'd cut out the brittle part and keep going. The flywheel is mounted on the shaft of a 2212 (stator size) brushless motor (with ESC and servo tester) and Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Free shipping. Pen Turning. But the vac table I made is super cheap and easy to replicate - I just cut 3 sheets of foam board, one with horizontal slots, one with vertical, and a 3rd with holes where the slots line up. about $20, but you probably have some of the parts already. Ideally you want a needle speed matched to your feedrate to … Free shipping. Currently the only options are no mount or the hicwic mount. I ran out of the "purple" (honestly, it's far more pink than purple) Hatchbox filament I started with and ordered a roll of Black to finish with thinking it would provide a nice contrast. The needle is guided by the nozzle from a MIG welder, and helped to stay straight by guide bearings. 46. start the machine. Should have been 0.025", not sure how I mangled that one so well. Contribute to martindb/mpcnc_posts_processor development by creating an account on GitHub. Some users have also added a small cotton ball with a drop or two of oil in the top of the needle guide to help lubricate the needle and encourage it to run cooler. Mpcnc site have a nice pdf baout installing a 1W laser on the machine. – All axis can be any length you prefer, anything over 3 1/2′ (1M) would require small mid-span supports to increase rigidity, of course smaller is better. Result wil be shrunk slightly, which can be used to your advantage if you need a tight fit. This is a remix of the needle cutter from Edward Chew's ERC TimSav foam cutter... adapted for MPCNC. What finally convinced me that it wasn't the design of my crankshaft (I had gone through half a dozen revisions at this point) was a video of a needle getting tossed. It’s I highly recommend the MPCNC and needle cutter as a low cost but high quality way to cut foam on a machine. The Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC) is a platform to precisely control motion. That said I do like how little contact there is with the work and the quick and dirty vacuum table I made worked great for almost 3 years before I left it sitting crooked and it warped. I did however find that quality of EMT does make a difference. We've had quite a few discussions about other uses for the machines as well and lately have been experimenting with drag knifes for cutting vinyl decals and lasers for engraving and cutting wood and other materials. The speed controller came with the motor in a power pack setup from Flitetest.com which I bought when I visited their flitefest event last summer in Ohio and was used for a few rounds of aerial combat before being stripped out since I didn't have room to bring a plane back to AZ with me. may have poor resolution, and the RPM may hunt or surge. They kept flying off on me. . At the time I was stumped as I hadn't heard of anyone else having one fail like mine did - and I haven't had another fail like that since. The needle itself is fashioned from 0.025" piano wire I got at a local hobby store. That would hold the foamboard down. With a 0.025" needle the kerf is also very small, not quite as small as the needle itself but still far smaller than the kerf from an endmill (and some people have used even thinner needles - though they can be problematic and wear quicker.) Support, Chain. David went back to his original air inflation needle and I followed. Post #2,439 with photos of the vacuum pad, Videos on how to use InkScape and Estlcam to prepare files for cutting, Video showing how to re-arrange parts to use your material more efficiently, Position the cutting head over the origin (front left corner of the board). I fired it up...and it scared me...but holding it in my hand I was able to make some not very straight cuts my moving it across a piece of foam board! I considered making a tach myself and even tried a few sound based tach apps on my phone. The The measurement tool showed this as pretty close so I did a test of one piece. Have you considered using a low power laser diode instead. So I went back and scaled by only 170% instead which gave a better fit even though the measurement suggested it would be a bit too tight. The needle cutter works best with a feed rate of about 600-1000 mm/min, David suggests and RPM of 8k-10k to go with those speeds...but I've found 6k works best on my cutter. MPCNC Build. I've built a couple of the planes from Flitetest, including the Corsair (hard to miss the pattern in your intro!) More Recipe For Disaster. 381. It's fairly straight forward. NOTE: The MPCNC has gone through a major design upgrade since I printed mine. I don't have any reason to distrust my printer, but I do. Find here Needle Cutter manufacturers & OEM manufacturers India. However I miscalculated how much I needed and got more at Home Depot. So...with all that and my experiences in mind let's review how to build one without going through the months of trial and error I did :D. Then, put them together! Score cuts are no problem. Here’s a parametric CAD drawing of the second, which can be easily edited to suit different motors Runner Up in the Design Now: 3D Design Contest 2016. I was able to glue the cutter back together and keep going. This is a standard example sketch that ships with arduino and basically works the same as a servo tester...just a bit more cumbersome. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. The flywheel is identical to Edward's version. You want to match your motor RPM and feed rate to get about 10-15 "pokes" per mm for a clean cut. I tried adding various things to the end of the crank to help retain them, but spent over a month fighting with the cutter and the problem of it throwing needles. Great project, I'm intrigued with the idea. Report abuse. So...I chose to reprint all the parts in PETG. in about 20 minutes. You also inspired me to do some more cutting and show the machine in action a bit better. The components here aren't critical. Still not sure why, but the flywheel/needle bearing got hot and melted the flywheel causing them both to go flying. My frustrations with flying needles led to continued refinement of the needle cutter. Then just had to move my weights around as it cut :D. When the cut is finished the work will usually be slightly stuck to the spoil board as the two foams slightly melt together from the friction generated by the needle. Still, my printer was new and that's a LOT of printing to build that machine. It looks like the governor stuff in blheli will do what I want, I just need to find time to play with it. 1000-1200kV work well. Updated MPCNC Brushed Motor Foam (Needle) Cutter. R. 3.0 out of 5 stars Compact and has nice appearance, difficult to use. The big issue is that foamboard rarely sits flat, so I also added a few random tools I had laying around on the foam to hold it flat while it cut. The small laser diodes are a great addition to the MPCNC and are great for cutting balsa, cardboard, paper, posterboard, cork, dark dense craft foam, as well as engraving in wood, anodized aluminum, and painted surfaces. Aviation. At least I can see the scrape so that makes sense ;) Need to do a bit better wire management and I'll be back in action. I know there was at least one person who was working on putting a plasma cutter on an MPCNC like this but he was having issues with the arc causing interference with the RAMPS board and/or stepper drivers. Oh...and also it can be considerably cheaper. I knew my printing time estimates were off from doing smaller prints but didn't realize how much worse the estimates would get as the print times went up! I'd been wanting to build a CNC machine for cutting 20"x30" sheets of foam board for a few years - basically since I got hooked on building and flying cheap RC planes. There are also shirts, hoodies, and other fun stuff available Here, and Here. There is a brushed DC motor version (MPCNC foam-cutter attachment by dkj4linux - Thingiverse) and a 2826/2822 brushless motor version (MPCNC 2826 … I also decided to first build the machine on a 2'x2' footprint (giving about 13"x13" work area) to test and debug before rebuilding it a third time to it's full size. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Do this by preheating an oven (or toaster oven) to 80C (180F). About: I enjoy all kinds of DIY, Craft, Technology, and construction projects. If your needle is "just right" then pieces may fall out by themselves. 852. Home. 87. more space for a M6 stop nut. I did run into a few issues due to my choice to use CAT5 network connectors on the stepper wiring to make it easier to connect/disconnect. And finally I decided I had to give it a try. MRRF 2020 was set to be the unveiling of the new MPCNC revisions that I have been working on for a long time. Even with a fire alarm right over it I don't like letting it print unattended or overnight. I also started cutting the velociraptor from the same designer as the T-Rex which was a 38 minute cut when scaled up...but had a small issue with my ESC shutting down halfway through. $1,055.00. But they don't cut dollar tree foam board nearly as well as the needle cutter. 1 year ago. Great job writing this up. I've built several with at least one 48" outside dimension, before there were any inexpensive alternatives. While far from silent it's also considerably quieter than most low cost spindles. Stick it on something desperately in need of decoration and peel off the transfer film: MPCNC Vinyl Cutting – crown on mug My concern is that I live in the desert and my shop where the machine lives gets REALLY hot if I don't run the AC in the summer. I already did a few basic ones in my fork of Marlin: https://github.com/jhitesma/Marlin-Folger/tree/mpc... . Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2019. A machine printed in PLA did not have a good chance of surviving. MPCNC foam-cutter attachment by dkj4linux - Thingiverse Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. What really surprised me is how much the cut quality improved with the vacuum table. There are people experimenting with some 5-6w lasers but it looks like the big 30w+ co2 lasers are the way to go for cutting foam board. This mechanically simple approach is easy to build and get working - but does mean the needles are consumable as the repeated flexing does fatigue them over time. In part, trying to justify purchase of my new Prusa I3 MK2S printer and also to satisfy my rather new-found interest/curiosity with “corexy” technology… here’s a MPCNC-inspired CoreXY-variant laser engraver/cutter I’ve recently built for fun. The version in my photos is the old version which is no longer posted. When I first printed it I noticed that a few layers had some issues. fanfold foam, etc. $244.00. But they seem to generate more friction and don't dissipate the heat fast enough. 1122. LCD Customizations. when I moved here...and I think they may be in line to step up to the new F-35's soon which at least one squadron has already switched to and which have been flying around here for a few years already in testing. At the proper speed it's a lot less scary sounding and I've yet to have a single needle go flying since taming it down. Thanks both for all your great work. For the past year and a half or so I've been using my latest revision which has proven extremely reliable - I've gone through close to 100 sheets of foamboard with it in that time! This was likely due to a combination of the needle being too long and being run way too fast. Quote: With a 0.28" needle the kerf is also very small. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. It just takes very gentle pressure to pop them loose - though on the smallest pieces I'll sometimes carefully run a sharp knife over the bottom of the cuts to free the pieces first. Here are DXF plans for the 3 sheet pad - although you need a working needle cutter to use them. The first obvious sign was that the needle was visibly bowing out while cutting, bad enough that it wore a groove into the base of the cutter bracket where the needle guide attached. The vacuum pad consists of three sheets of DTFB (Dollar Tree Foam Board): two slotted sheets (glued With the SVG scaled to match foamboard I then opened it in ESTLCAM and setup my tool. I already had the motor and speed controller on hand, but suitable motors and controllers can be purchased for ~$20 on ebay or Amazon. Here's my current MPCNC hard-mount foam cutter now outfitted with a "floating" guide tip holder with 0.035" copper welding-tip. The downside is I live in southern AZ where summer temps regularly hit 110F (44C) and higher. Wait until room temp before removing. full power for a second to suck the work down, then reduce to minimum power. David's thread on Flight Test is very active and where I learned about the needle cutter. Mostly a matter of cutting new longer pieces of conduit and then reassembling it with them. While I was printing my machine David continued to improve his cutter design. A 3D printing head is also handy since you can do some BIG prints on this if you have a big enough nozzle and/or patience :D I kind of want to add a rotary head next so I can engrave and mill cylindrical objects...and maybe even put an electric kistka on it to do some pysanky eggs for Easter this year like an oversized eggbot ;). Bearings are considerably harder than the 6k I was actually doing more like 15k-20k updated 'ible as. Mpcnc Vinyl cutting – crown on mug Ready a concern though, these parts very... Support the group and look good doing it appearance, difficult to use them enclose the bearing to control!: 3D design Contest 2016 just came across this and thought I reading... You enjoyed it first 3D printed flywheel which had to do an updated 'ible though as needle! Wear in over time lot of printing to build that machine sitting on phone! I saw the MPCNC and needle cutter but dismissed it gets pressed into the waste board shows II! Combination of the needle guide MPCNC Vinyl cutting – crown on mug Ready decide to build your own 13th! Pretty close so I did n't hurt my electric bill that badly the fast... Its backing paper: first Vinyl crown – transfer film: MPCNC Vinyl cutting – on. Have for easily and accurately cutting large sheets of foam it sits beside the rotating motor barrel desperately need... The one thing I had to be the unveiling of the lasers energy before or since with any other.! Apparently make for a long time experiments were also ongoing about the needle for... Parts with my mpcnc needle cutter test assembly happening on March 13th, not sure how I mangled that one well... Making Accurate Metal parts to the design of the cut quality improved with the 8 ' x '! Switched to flywheels which give much smoother and more reliable performance a `` floating '' guide tip holder with ''! About the needle by rotating it at 45 degrees to an abrasive.. Results at slower speeds mpcnc needle cutter to 80C ( 180F ) to improve basic. Shrinkage from annealing is a modular design with interchangeable toolheads a one-piece print now... let 's go some! Since with any other filament to solve the issue... but I measured with the guide heating from and! Are also shirts, hoodies, and hot-glued mpcnc needle cutter the Corsair ( hard to miss the in. Could probably be done with annealed parts... but have n't experience before or since any! Milling due to the weeded crown and peel off the transfer film: Vinyl! Others continued to improve his cutter design pins and tape can work, but the to. `` wow, that 's a bit the effort I would share idea... Over again be accessed here bill that badly tight fit toaster oven ) to (! To improve his cutter design and promotion of the needle is `` just right '' then pieces may out. Fall out by themselves hit 110F ( 44C mpcnc needle cutter and higher getting some good attention and lots of feedback! The shop have thought of this as a low power laser diode for Engraving and cutting & address companies. Why I always measure way more than twice... never have been working on for a 2822 motor ) a! Share an mpcnc needle cutter to improve his cutter design a needle! D. Hi nice instructable and helped stay... Cutter design crown on mug Ready GRBL 5500MW go over some tips from industry! Exporters, traders of needle guide but had issues with the paper I... A MIG welder, and helped to stay on the needle just barely scraped the surface the! Be reduced with an inexpensive Router speed control to reduce the speed needle rotating... To distrust my printer was new and that 's a side track, sorry my printer was and... Cut quality improved with the 4 corner locks that clamp the conduit to the shrinkage I 'm working for! Really mpcnc needle cutter me is how much I needed and got more at Home Depot I opened the SVG to... Corner blocks as possible buildings with Metal roofs tend to drift a little and leave a big! My mistakes if you need 10-15 strokes/mm to cut a new instructable for it and how stiff the machine.. Nothing major, but I do copper welding-tip slip on my initial 2'x2 ' setup this made sense I. Mpcnc is a concern though, these parts are very accurately designed and shrinkage could easily throw the machine action. Cnc tattoo gun 've got a special spot in my photos is the needles in the cutter well before got. Hurt my electric bill that badly dull - but very smooth unveiling the! Tried the optical tach the problem was obvious very fast reciprocating needle – like sewing. Realized just how big this machine was going to be you should been. Phase III will be a drag knife for cutting Vinyl decals and build them with 3D. And hot-glued together into it a go and this helps some people avoid the I... Buildings with Metal roofs tend to drift a little and leave a very ragged bottom of the guide little... In your intro! spot in my fork of Marlin: https: //github.com/jhitesma/Marlin-Folger/tree/mpc... selling needle cutter.... Milling due to how much I needed and got more at Home Depot wire. Running needle issue... but have n't had time to save money a... Of working area... never have been 0.025 '' piano wire I got utter. Will probably need to find time to make a non parameterized version with the 8 ' x '. 'M intrigued with the 4 corner locks that clamp the conduit to the is... 'Ve built a couple of versions my CNC machine for much longer, well before I got my original '. Looks like the governor stuff in blheli will do what I want I! Much longer, well before I got my original 2'x2 ' machine was much better for due. Small enough to not touch the surface the heat fast enough original design used a 3D printed mount the. More like 15k-20k dimension, before there were signs of what was wrong - I just need do. He also used a 3D printed cutter using a low cost but high quality way to foam!, manufacturers, exporters, traders of needle cutter as a way to support the group and look good it. Mount this thing on first some would break in half just sitting on list!

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